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Remarkable and rational--highly recommended. Black states the problem clearly and without hyperbole. A sane and remarkably rational step-by-step scheme for quitting our fossil fuel dependency. Highly Recommended.
Clean and Concise. The thesis is simple: How to rescue society when the oil stops – or the day before. ...Policy makers are unwilling to confront the issues. Black is willing and has done so in a clean, concise fashion.
Black sees the light. Edwin Black sees the light, and it's electric. Japan has a plan. So does Poland and the Czech Republic. Maybe Congress should read THE PLAN and get a clue.
Leaves you Speechless. Edwin Black is our generation's most explosive investigative journalist. His best-selling books, award-winning articles and dynamic live lectures rip the lids off the government secrets and international conspiracies that have plagued the world since the turn of the last century; they leave you speechless. Often, the information is so shocking, disillusioning and painful, you wish it wasn't true …. THE PLAN deals with the fact that there is no “Hail Mary” plan for a catastrophic oil/gasoline crisis, should one occur.
A Real Plan for Catastrophe. Edwin Black proposes "the plan" to get America out of a catastrophic oil crisis. The plan is a multi-stage deployment of actions, which, as the author readily admits, are not without severe restrictions and societal limitations. However, he points out that we've had to endure many of these same restrictions, in one way or another, during other times of emergency and that we've always come out to the better.
Invaluable, incredible benefit. The historical data contained in the first three chapters alone make the book invaluable because this one-stop repository of information would be virtually impossible for anyone with less of a research staff to compile. ...Most of the plan could and should be put immediately into play by the new President. ...It would be far better to do it now before we’re counting the days until the foreign oil in our storage tanks runs out.
No hyperbole or hysterics. In his new book, The Plan, Edwin Black explains our country's self-destructive addiction to fossil fuels clearly and without hyperbole or hysterics.
A solution for the unthinkable. The Plan, which offers a solution to the unthinkable, chaos when we can no longer get the oil we need to survive in the modern age.
Compelling--more than necessary Black makes a compelling case that in today’s world, a plan to deal with different scenarios in which the flow of oil is constricted at varying levels, and how the country should react both now to minimize the impact and what to do as it happens, is more than necessary.