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Remarkable and rational--highly recommended. Black states the problem clearly and without hyperbole. A sane and remarkably rational step-by-step scheme for quitting our fossil fuel dependency. Highly Recommended.
Understand the crisis, find a solution. Only read this book if you want to understand the energy crisis and find a solution. If you want to remain ignorant, selfish, and in support of American-hating foreign oil producers and domestic rapacious gasoline companies you should avoid Edwin Black's THE PLAN.
Clean and Concise. The thesis is simple: How to rescue society when the oil stops – or the day before. ...Policy makers are unwilling to confront the issues. Black is willing and has done so in a clean, concise fashion.
Black sees the light. Edwin Black sees the light, and it's electric. Japan has a plan. So does Poland and the Czech Republic. Maybe Congress should read THE PLAN and get a clue.
Sane and remarkable scheme. Black presents... a remarkable scheme... citing published, non-controversial works plus his own primary research, which generally keeps the proceedings well out of the realm of science fiction.
Extricating ourselves from the nightmare. Rather than pound the obvious, Black calmly sets the table, then moves on to his recommendations for extricating ourselves from the nightmare. ...Excellent. ...Highly Recommended.
Realistic.  Edwin Black’s latest book, THE PLAN, sets up a realistic scenario in which the west and America must confront a catastrophic crisis (versus the “mere” escalation of oil prices to oppressive levels) in which foreign oil is cut off due to “petropolitical” design or terrorism. 
A Real Plan for Catastrophe. Edwin Black proposes "the plan" to get America out of a catastrophic oil crisis. The plan is a multi-stage deployment of actions, which, as the author readily admits, are not without severe restrictions and societal limitations. However, he points out that we've had to endure many of these same restrictions, in one way or another, during other times of emergency and that we've always come out to the better.
Compelling--more than necessary Black makes a compelling case that in today’s world, a plan to deal with different scenarios in which the flow of oil is constricted at varying levels, and how the country should react both now to minimize the impact and what to do as it happens, is more than necessary.